T. Roy Adams Regional Centre: Community Re-engagement Program

In 2009 the HNHB LHIN Board approved funding under the Aging at Home strategy for the Community Re-engagement program. The Community Re-engagement program is located at the T. Roy Adams Regional Centre in St. Catharines and works to enhance the lives of seniors living with dementia and behavioural challenges.

The program specializes in the assessment and treatment of seniors, with the goal of improving cognitive (behavioural) challenges so that individuals are able to remain at home in the community or reduce the time they wait in hospital for access to a long-term care home.  

Behavioural support is provided in a home-like setting that offers clients a warm, safe and comfortable environment. Behavioural support includes temporary accommodation, assessment of the clients’ needs, individualized treatment and care plans and specialized geriatric and therapeutic services. Following their stay, clients are discharged to the most suitable care settings with appropriate supports as needed. 

Benefits in 2010-11:

  • 41 individuals were admitted to the program
  • 80% increase in clients’ cognitive function and functioning associated with activities of daily living through participation in the program
  • 98% of clients/caregivers are satisfied with the services provided and the program
  • 24% of individuals were admitted to program from hospital, decreasing their wait in hospital to access the right level of care and reducing the risk of complications associated with long hospital stays (decline in physical functioning and infections)
  • 35% of individuals were admitted as crisis placements from the community, thereby avoiding a hospital admission

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