Expense Reports

The Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant LHIN is responsible for planning, integrating, and funding the local health system to provide  appropriate, coordinated, effective and efficient health care services. The HNHB LHIN is home to nearly 1.4 million people across an area that covers approximately 7,000 km2

The HNHB LHIN is responsible for over 200 health service providers that together, provide more than 230 health programs and services. The provider groups include a community care access centre, community health centres, community mental health and addictions services, community support services, hospitals, and long-term care homes.

The HNHB LHIN is committed to being open and transparent with its stakeholders and the general public.  Further to the LHIN's commitment is our compliance with the Public Sector Expenses Review Act, 2009.  This act was implemented on November 30, 2009 and was created to strengthen and reinforce accountability, transparency and oversight of government expense claims.

As per direction received from the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, the LHIN has created this page which details the expense reports of board members and senior staff as they engage with our stakeholders in managing the local health care system.  All expenses are in accordance with the government's Travel, Meal & Hospitality Expenses Directives.

Who does this apply to at the HNHB LHIN?

  • Board of Directors
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Senior Director(s)
  • Other Direct Reports to the CEO

Board Members
Michael Shea

Chair, Board of Directors

Bob Lawler 

Vice Chair, Board of Directors

Ruby Jacobs 

Member, Board of Directors

Helen Mulligan 

Member, Board of Directors

Laurie Ryan-Hill

Member, Board of Directors

Mervin Witter 

Member, Board of Directors

Former Board Members 
Juanita Gledhill Former Chair, Board of Directors 
Jack Brewer Former Vice Chair, Board of Directors

Douglas Archibald 

Former Member, Board of Directors

Janice Mills

Former Member, Board of Directors

Bill McLean 

Former Member, Board of Directors

Bill Millar 

Former Member, Board of Directors 
Nathalie Brown Former Member, Board of Directors
Donna Cripps

Chief Executive Officer

Philip Christoff Director, Quality and Risk Management
Jennifer Everson Physician Lead, Clinical Health System Transformation
Steve Isaak Director, Health System Transformation
Trish Nelson Director, Communications and Corporate Services
Rosalind Tarrant Director, Access to Care
Former Staff
Karen Horvath   Former Interim Director, Finance

Pat Mandy 

Former Chief Executive Officer

Marion Emo 

Former Senior Director, Planning, Integration and Community Engagement

Alan Iskiw 

Former Senior Director, Operations

Former Director, Finance

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