Strategic Documents

Strategic Health System Plan (SHSP) - Five-year strategic directions

Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) - Three-year priorities

Annual Business Plan (ABP) - One-year action plan

Annual Report - Work and accomplishments of previous year

Year in Review - Highlights from Annual Report

Health Service Provider Plans

Community Investment Engagement Sessions

The HNHB LHIN hosted two Community Investment Funding Allocation webinar sessions in November 2013 in order provide an overview of the HNHB LHIN Request for Proposal process, discuss the successful applications and answer questions from our Health Service Providers. The content and presentation for both webinars were the same.

For those who were not able to attend either webinar, please download a recording of the webinar:

HNHB LHIN Community Investment Funding Allocation Webinar

HNHB LHIN Community Investment 2013-14 Slides

The HNHB LHIN has compiled a detailed summary of the Community Investment Engagement Sessions which were held on June 5 and 7, 2013. This summary provides the individual themes identified by the participants during each of these events as well as the overall themes of both days. You can view the memorandumfor health service providers or the complete summary.