Our Health Service ProvidersOutcomes versus Outputs

The HNHB LHIN funds almost 200 providers that together provide health programs and services. These programs and services include community support services, mental health and addictions services, community health centres, the community care access centre, long term care homes, and hospitals. There are other private, not-for-profit services and non-LHIN funded programs also providing services in the health system.


Each health service provider has their own board of directors (or something similar) who are responsible for ensuring accessible, responsive, and quality services for residents in their communities. The HNHB LHIN's role is to ensure the services provided are aligned with the priorities identified by the community (and described in our Integrated Health Service Plan). In turn, these priorities work together to make the health system better.


Each health service provider signs an accountability agreement with the HNHB LHIN that describes the services that they provide, how much of each service, and most importantly to what outcome. Over time, as our health service providers move towards these outcomes, the whole system will come together for better health outcomes for residents!

Here are the types of health service providers that the HNHB LHIN funds:

Regional Maps and Service Descriptions

Click here for a printable booklet of all HNHB LHIN-funded health service providers.*

HSPs Booklet Cover - Feb 2013

*As of February 2013. Providers are listed according to the location of their main office - this does not necessarily reflect where services are provided.

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