Indigenous Health Network Membership

Aboriginal Patient Navigator - Juravinski Cancer Centre

  • Supportive care is the set of services focused on meeting the emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs of cancer patients and their families. These services may be needed and accessed at any time, from the diagnosis of cancer through to the period of follow-up care. Supportive care can help people who are living with cancer and those who are coping with bereavement.
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Brantford Native Housing

  • Brantford Native Housing provides safe, secure, and affordable rental homes for Urban Natives living in the city of Brantford.
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De dwa da dehs nye's Aboriginal Health Centre

  • De dwa da dehs nye's Aboriginal Health Centre assists Aboriginal people in accessing culturally appropriate healthcare programs and services. The Health Centre focuses on wholistic preventive and primary healthcare that includes Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Traditional Healing and other primary health services – mental health support, naturopathy, as well as community health supports – Advocacy, Outreach and Health Promotion and Education Services.
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Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre

  • Aims to improve the quality of life for native people in urban environments, and includes information about programs, community activities and special events.
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Hamilton Regional Indian Centre

  • The Hamilton Regional Indian Centre (HRIC) is a non-profit organization catering to the needs of the Native People in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Since 1972, the HRIC has assisted Native People living in the urban environment by sponsoring programs that maintain Native traditions and culture.
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Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle

  • The Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle (formerly Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative) develops and enhances programs and services focusing on the education, prevention, and management of diabetes in Indigenous communities, both on and off-reserve. The high prevalence of diabetes in Aboriginal society has placed it among the top health priorities.
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Métis Nation of Ontario

  • The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) delivers programs and services to its citizens through these branches: Health and Wellness; Education and Training; Housing; Lands, Resources and Consultation; Economic Development. Through these various branches, the MNO maintains 30+ service delivery access points across the province, administers over $20 million annually, and, employs over 150 employees across the province.
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Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation

  • The Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation look to our Anishinabe roots to guide our vision for the future as a strong, caring, connected community who respects the earth's gifts and protects the environment for future generations. Our identity includes our history, language, culture, beliefs and traditions which we strive to incorporate into the programs and services offered to our community.
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Native Horizons Treatment Centre

  • The Native Horizons Treatment Centre provides the following services: 6 week residential program. 2 week follow up program. Care for care-givers program. Referral workers workshop.

Native Women’s Centre - Hamilton-Wentworth Chapter

  • The Native Women's Centre provides safe, emergency shelter for all women regardless of age, ancestry, culture, place of origin, sexual orientation, with or without children who are experiencing crisis in their lives due to family violence, homelessness or conflict with the law.
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Niagara Chapter - Native Women Inc

  • The Niagara Chapter - Native Women Inc. encourages Native Women to become active participants in society while remembering and honouring our unique cultural and spiritual beliefs.
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Niagara Regional Métis Council

  • Niagara Regional Métis Council's mission is to unite the Métis people and to promote the historical values, culture, language and traditions of the Métis Nation, to secure the future of the Métis way of life through the education of our youth, and to promote our Métis artisans, businesses and cultural achievements
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Niagara Regional Native Centre

  • The Centre offers programs and services to all age groups, both Native and non-Native, and provides transportation to and from the Center for groups and individuals on request. The Centre currently employs 15-20 individuals both part and full-time positions. They offer the following programs: Healing and Wellness Program, Health Outreach Program, Youth Program, Community Action Program for Children, Prenatal Nutrition Program, Employment Counsellor, Life Long Care Program, Three Fires Community Justice Program, Healthy Babies/Healthy Children Program and Literacy Program.
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Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy (Oahas)

The Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy provides culturally respectful programs and strategies to respond to the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic among Aboriginal people in Ontario through promotion, prevention, long-term care, treatment and support initiatives consistent with harm reduction. All regional outreach and support services are available to Aboriginal individuals and communities, schools and other service organizations and agencies for HIV/AIDS workshops and information sessions, health promotion sessions, healthy sexuality workshops, as well as individual counselling and referrals.


Six Nations Health Services

  • Six Nations Health Services implements the community health programs and support services under the authority of the Six Nations of the Grand River elected council.
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Six Nations Mental Health

  • Six Nations Mental Health works to increase delivery of mental health services at the community level.
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 Urban Native Homes

  • Urban Native Homes strengthens individual & family self-reliance and sense of community by providing safe, affordable housing and support services for Native people in the City of Hamilton.