CSP Final Report and Supporting Documents

The Clinical Services Plan (CSP) is a directional plan for health system improvement in the HNHB LHIN. It proposes three strategies to achieve a healthier population, improved health outcomes and a positive health care experience for residents. These strategies include interprofessional care, clinical services integration and robust community services. A series of step wise activities are described for each of the strategies.

The Clinical Services Plan is a key component of the LHIN's Integrated Health Service Plan 2010/11 - 2012/13. The IHSP will guide the LHIN's integration and funding priorities over three years.

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CSP Steering Committee 1.a. Terms of Reference (Français)
1.b. Steering Committee Membership
PAG Membership and Process 2.a. PAG Membership
2.b. PAG Meeting Guide (Français)
External Scan Leading Practice Units - Service Delivery Model Review 3.a. PAG Service Delivery Models from Deloitte
Contributions from Reference Groups 4.a. Guiding Principles and Key Components of Service Delivery Models: Input from Reference Groups, Networks and Working Groups
PAG Submissions 5.a. Cardiac
5.b. Chronic Pain
5.c. CKD/Urology/Trauma
5.d. Emergency/Trauma
5.e. Endocrine
5.f. ENT
5.g. Geriatrics
5.h. GI/Hepatobiliary
5.i. Maternal/Newborn
5.j. Mental Health and Addictions
5.k. Neurosciences
5.l. Oncology
5.m. Ophthalmology
5.n. Orthopedics
5.o. Pediatrics
5.p. Rehabilitation and Complex Continuing Care
5.q. Respiratory
5.r. Vascular
Data Methodology and Approach 6.a. Data Methodology Overview - PAG Summary
6.b. Acute Utilization Summary
6.c. CMG Allocations by PAG
6.d. Current State Utilization from Deloitte
High Level Future Service Demand Projections 7.a. High Level Future Service Demand Projections
HNHB LHIN Transportation Survey 8.a. HNHB LHIN Transportation Survey, June 2009